Day 58

I took this picture last night and originally thought of not posting it, but then decided it is another example of what defines my life today. My first thought was the fact that laundry was such a never ending job, frustrating that it never stays "done." I've heard it said many times that we should be thankful when we look at our laundry piles because we are so fortunate to have those clothes to wash, and I am. I also don't mind laundry. It makes me happy to see the nicely folded stacks, order out of chaos I guess.

How does this basket of dirty clothes define me today? It's only one basket. With four children there were many loads of laundry done on a weekly basis. Now that the kids are grown, only one still at home for the most part, there is a significant reduction in loads of laundry. In some ways it is sad, just another reminder that those days of raising kids are over.

Speaking of laundry, my daughter-in-law told me the other day that Mark is very picky about how his clothes are washed. She said that she hated to do laundry, so Mark does it. But Mark doesn't like to fold the clothes. She doesn't mind folding clothes, so he washes and she folds. Just another example of how well they compliment each other.


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