Day 17

Keeping with the antique theme, here is another recent find. I have always looked at the coke and pepsi crates thinking I could use them in some way to divide things up, but not really liking how small the divisions would be. I came across this Pepsi crate and loved the way it was only divided into three sections. It's perfect for right beside a small desk that I have my laptop on. I keep my photoshop books and notes in it. Very happy to have found this antique.

My cousin and his wife are coming tonight. Dennis will be helping Ed in the new garage taping and mudding the drywall. It is supposed to be really cold here this weekend, so we are glad we have a few propane heaters to keep them toasty warm out there. Anyway Carrie said she wanted to do some type of project too (we definitely don't want to tape and mud) so I have been trying to decide if this weekend would be good to paint the kitchen. I have been planning to do that for awhile, but didn't want to get Ed started on another project while finishing up the garage. Another project I proposed was having Carrie help Nicole clean up her room and paint it! Nicole is a pack rat, and an artistic pack rat at that. You never know when you might NEED something! So during that discussion at dinner with Ed, Nicole, Courtney and I (Courtney came home last night from college to go to a Dr's appt. today) I had a light bulb moment. I told Nicole she could repaint Courtney's room and move into it. Now, Courtney's room is smaller and at the moment very clean since most of her stuff is at college. Courtney was all for it, since Nicole's room is bigger. Nicole liked the idea since Courtney's room is warmer. So last night Nicole was pouring over books and websites trying to decide a color scheme and looking at decorating ideas.

I don't know if we'll do either of those projects this weekend, but it is fun to plan and dream of what the redecorating will look like. Hopefully I'll have some before and after pictures posted soon from our projects.
(Nicole would be really embarrassed if I posted a before of her room right now but maybe that would be a good motivator)

PS: I am not the greatest at keeping things picked up either, housework is the very last thing that I want to do.


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