We need help!

Ed and I are trying to decide on dining room table styles and we need some opinions ASAP!

I am compiling this post off of my phone so it's a little awkward and the pictures didn't line up the way I wanted them too, so bear with me.

This first picture shows an oak table in the stain we are looking at on a floor that is close to the color of our new wood floor. I like the contrast of the dark stain, so everything doesn't all just blend in together.

The second picture shows the base of the table that we both really like. It is all in oak, stained in one color.

The third picture is one of the chairs we like with the two tone stain effect.

The forth picture is the same table, but with the two tone stain. The table is slightly open in the picture, so just critique the stain effect.

The last picture is the same table as the first picture without the dark stained chair. It is just to show the look if we don't do the two tone stain. It is not the table or chairs that we would be getting.

Our question is do you like the two tone effect or just the one color stain on the table and chairs?

Please help us decide.


Nicole August 11, 2012 at 12:32:00 AM EDT  

What did you decide?

mmncgrand August 12, 2012 at 5:46:00 PM EDT  

I like the one color effect. Good talking to you.

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