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Rosie always wanted to live close to family when they started having their own family. They actually had started that family right before moving back to Indiana. Her sister, Emily, was also having another baby here in Indiana - and her due date was just 3 days later than Rosie. Fast forward almost 9 months to this....


Two sisters having their babies just one hour and 8 minutes apart!! Emily had come up to visit Rosie and ended up staying in the hospital herself. Which led to this....


Their sister, Kate, emailed several local TV stations and set up this interview.


This guy was so nice. It was a very relaxed interview, even with the whole room full of family. This one minute segment aired on Wish TV last night. (see previous post) They had another interview today with Fox 59, which will air tonight. And just so you can see how cute he is, here are a few more shots. Drew and his Papa.


And Auntie Courtney.


This little guy will not have a shortage of Aunties and Uncles to spoil him!!


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