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Ed has talked about adding more insulation to the house for quite awhile. (It's one of those projects that I hate, lots of money that nobody even sees.) After comparing quotes from several sources, Ed decided to install the foam baffles along the edges of the attic himself. He also changed the vent fans in both of the bathrooms. It doesn't make an exciting picture for you all, but we are excited about the new fans. They are so quiet you hardly know they are on and the mirrors are no longer fogged up when you get out of the shower! Ed also installed the fancy switches like we did downstairs. An addition to the fan in the girl's bathroom is an extra light closer to the shower and a nightlight so our guests will know exactly where the bathroom is in the dark of night.

I've never even looked in that part of the attic in the almost 11 years we have lived here, but now I know what it looks like, and so can you. Here is the before picture...


We had someone come on Friday to blow in additional insulation. The attic after...


Ed wanted the before picture to document where one could step safely when doing repairs in the attic. I wanted the after picture to have something to show for the money spent.


Courtney December 7, 2009 at 11:09:00 PM EST  

That insulation looks weird, nothing like I imagined it. It's like snow all year round in our own roof!

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