Baby Quilt

I found some really cute fabric that I just had to have. So, I get said fabric and just have to make a baby quilt. I originally thought I'd make a quilt for my first grandson, but since I don't have any grandson's in the making that I know of, I thought it would be a great quilt for a couple in our Sunday School class that is having a baby boy. I saw this quilt on flicker and thought it would be the perfect pattern to show off the cute race car fabric.

inspiration quilt

(you can see more of this quilt here. She has made a lot of really nice quilts!)

racecar quilt1

I thought this race car fabric was so cute! Do you see the ambulances on there too?

So a baby quilt shouldn't be so hard to do, right? It didn't take long to put together, but the quilting part was a different story. Since I do things on the spur of the moment, I didn't have time to have it quilted by someone. So I spent many days quilting it by hand. I totally finished it and did the final washing yesterday.

racecar quilt front

The baby shower was today. How's that for getting things done at the last minute? I think she liked it. Their little guy is due next Sunday. I told her I'd be happy to babysit since she doesn't have any grandparents living close by.

Here's a view of the back of the quilt.

racecar quilt back

By the way, I do have enough fabric to make a baby quilt for my first grandson - plenty of time to make one and have someone quilt it for me.


mmncgrand November 2, 2009 at 9:21:00 AM EST  

I love the quilt. Nicole told me you were making one. That is a lot of hand quilting. What a gift of love you gave to this family. I am glad they liked it. I like the house too. Is there room for grandparents too?

Matt and Sonya November 2, 2009 at 11:15:00 AM EST  

That looks like a lot of work! That was nice of you make it for the lady at your church. You better put the pressure on Mark & Rosie for that grandson...married first, kids first. Don't you think so? :)

marcuswitt November 3, 2009 at 10:34:00 AM EST  

That does look like a pretty cool quilt! I love the little cars and ambulance. Hopefully one of us will have a little boy soon. All of our friends have baby girls, so we need a few fellas to even it out.

RosebudWitt November 3, 2009 at 4:55:00 PM EST  

lol...very funny Sonya. You make me laugh. Although we have had some close calls recently, still no babies yet..sorry Mom Witt. Plus, wouldn't it be more fun to have the babies together, Sonya?! If you need more time, we can wait :) Let me know when you guys are ready, and we'll be ready then too! If only life worked out that easily to coordinate like that, it would be great! Instead, we are left have no idea what we happen with either of us...oh, the suspense!

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