Have you made the ginger tea I suggested a few weeks ago? We have many times. It is soo refreshing. I even crave this drink. You really must try it.

stir sticks from Pier 1

Courtney and I found some stirring sticks the other day at Pier 1. They are great for this tea since some of the spices tend to settle to the bottom. They look pretty too.

Remember the colorful nursing uniforms I showed you awhile back? Well it seems as if things have almost come full circle. Starting July 1st, our hospital has gone to RN's wearing only white and navy blue. No more colorful, fun prints on my uniforms.

navy & white nursing uniforms

It really is quite boring to look in my closet now. One of the biggest complaints from patients on surveys is that they don't know who the nurse is. So our hospital has decided that this will set us apart and our patients will know when it is a nurse that has come in to visit with them. They feel that is a more professional look. The aides are now only allowed to wear beige and white. Courtney is NOT thrilled with that color choice!! Time will tell if this really is beneficial for the patient. At least we have done our part to stimulate the economy of the stores selling nursing scrubs. Thank goodness we aren't required to wear all white.


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