A Week In the Life

A couple of months ago, I participated in "A Week in the Life" challenge on Ali's blog. Basically one documents a week in their life with pictures, stories, lists, etc in a small album. I decided to put together the album in photoshop and have it printed out in a book. I had a coupon, plus free shipping, so I ordered it from Shutterfly. I wanted to get a book from one of the online photo sites to compare it with the ones I get from my lab. This one is an 8x8 inch size and 20 or so pages.

I ordered a padded cover with a picture on it.

A few example of the inside pages.

The back cover also had a picture on it and the dates of the week I documented. I don't like having the barcode on the back of the book. Maybe that's supposed to make it look more like a real book.

If you ever order one of these books, be careful of the placement of your text in the spine. I put my text within the template for the spine but my text is definately too large! Also the front and back covers were a little tricky to get centered.

Overall, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I did my book from scratch, but there are a lot of templates on the Shutterfly site that you can just add your pictures and captions to. If you are interested in making a book, check out various sites. They all seem to be giving discounts and running specials now.


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