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I love how my sister in law has this ivy hanging in her screened in porch. She always knows when it needs watering by what the weight is. Now that is a practical use for an old scale! Saturday - Courtney and I, my Brother in law and mother in law took a trip up into the mountains. It was so much cooler up there and raining! There were some very pretty views, especially with the clouds moving and gathering in different places. We stopped at the Cookie shop at the top of Mt. Lemon and got some gigantic cookies - warm and soft - yummy! This shot is at "Seven Falls." I guess you don't see water here very often, but since we are in monsoon season there were actually water falls. Can you see them?
After church on Sunday we went to my brother in law's house for lunch. This little friend was visiting his front entryway. We weren't sure it was alive, so decided to irritate it a little. It was definately alive and moved very quickly. The last time Nicole visited there a snake was resting right by his garage door. I'll take a tarantula over a snake any day!


Anonymous July 20, 2008 at 12:56:00 PM EDT  

Man, Uncle Bill just gets all the lovely wildlife at his house!

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