We went to visit my parents in Illinois over Easter, so I got out of my routine. Today I will play catch up.

Nicole acquired a used Mac computer last week which she is thrilled about since all graphic designers use them. Any of you who own a Mac know exactly what she is doing here. This has been her favorite activity by far since the computer arrived. Last night Matt and Sonya were over for supper and Matt was playing with her computer. She now knows several more unique features to play with.

This bird feeder just cracks me up! Mom and Dad have had major problems with the squirrels stealing the bird food. They have sprayed the pole so the squirrels slide down and they have attached shingles to the bottom of the feeder so they can't get up to the feeder. These measures only worked temporarily. Now the squirrels jump from the roof of the house on to the top of the feeder, hence the spikes! They still are able to find an edge to land on though. There are such beautiful views from their windows into the back yard, so hopefully they will find a solution to the pesky squirrels so they can watch the birds. My grandma would have loved watching these squirrels, so I guess they can spark a memory for us.

While not the greatest picture of us all, this was our Easter family picture. My brother and his wife are in Colorado and with the boys married and on their own today, our group is a little smaller. I forgot my tripod, so we had to set the camera on a ledge and use the timer.

My grandma cut out sunbonnet girls for a quilt for me years ago. We never got around to making it. As a suprise, my mom and her friends put this together for me. I love it!!! Some of the materials I remember from outfits I wore, or from something grandma made for me. It's only a full size quilt, so too small for my bed, but I put it on there anyway. I haven't quite decided how I will display it, but for now it's out where I can see it. Thank you so much mom!

My tulips have opened up quite a bit. They are so pretty. Now I just need to research what to do with the bulbs so I have them for next spring.


mmncgrand March 26, 2008 at 7:46:00 PM EDT  

Like you said before Nicole is an original. I will have to ask Jennette about the tulips. our family picture is good of everyone but me. Liked your comments about the squirrels. Glad you like the quilt.

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