How did Noah stand it?

I am so glad that God's purpose for my life was not to be Noah's wife!! I don't think I could handle 40 days and 40 nights of rain. These last two days are more than enough for me!

When it is raining really hard we have our own personal river and waterfall in our front yard as the water flows to the drainage ditch. As I was running errands today I saw so many yards with a lot of water standing in them and the normally quiet creeks were running pretty fast too. It sounds like this is the weather predicted for this weekend too. I guess we can just be thankful it's not all snow!!

To cheer myself up I bought this cute little chick and rose plant at the grocery store. It's sitting on my kitchen windowsill. I'll look at that and burn my juicy peach candle and pretend it's a beautiful spring day outside.


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