Day 36, 37, 38 and 39

I haven't been posting, but I have been keeping up on taking pictures. So, I'll try to catch up a little here.

This is "Maggie." She was my companion while I was driving through the night down to Orlando. She talked back to me, was a wealth of information, and was always right. I was so happy to have her along on the trip. Matt and Sonya bought this Magellan GPS for Christmas and graciously allowed us to borrow it. I have really liked using it, Ed likes to second guess it, but I think he is getting used to it now. Thanks so much guys for letting us borrow it. We may just have to get our own now!

On Wednesday we went to Daytona Beach to visit with Aunt Shirley and Uncle Kenny. It was a beautiful day. So great to hang out with them for awhile. Loved walking along the beach! (just a ray of sunshine for all of you in the snowy midwest!) I was sad that we had to leave the beach, but excited to get to my convention that night.

During one of our breaks we went outside for a lighting demo, just got a quick shot of the sun starting to set. I am learning so much! Just soaking up all the information the speakers and fellow photographers are sharing. Great inspiration!

We spent a few hours outside this morning shooting. Our models were some of the photographer's children. So very cute. Isn't this little guy adorable?


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