Day 33

Here are a few yo-yo's I have made for in the kitchen. I'm not even sure what I am going to do with them yet, but thought it would be an easy way to add some splashes of color to the room. They are kind of fun to do too!

We stayed overnight at some friends house last night. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and playing games this morning along with a great breakfast! I took a few shots of their kids today, but don't want to post them here without their permission, so you all will just have to imagine how cute they are!

After a lengthy discussion with Brenda (she always offers great advice on any subject!) on decorations/colors etc. in the kitchen, I have shelved the valances for now. The ones I was making seem a little overpowering. I am really liking the window and sliding doors with nothing on them. The only drawback will be this summer when the sun is beating in the kitchen. We need to decide exactly what kind of blinds we will be getting before I make up my mind on what the valances will or won't be. I think I have my mind made up, then I see something I like better. Guess I just need to wait it out and not be too hasty in my decisions. We leave for vacation in a few days, so that will give me some time to ponder on it.


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