cedar plank salmon and a new invention

Day 48 - we had our "Valentine's dinner" today for lunch. Ed fixed it on the grill on top of a cedar plank, with oranges on top. He had never made it with oranges, but it was very tasty!!

(We weren't able to celebrate on Thursday because we are having a series at church on Thursday nights on the book of Revelation and we didn't want to miss that.)

We went up to see Courtney at IWU yesterday, and stopped in at the coffee shop before we left. They have this cute little "plug" to use on your cup. It is to keep the liquid from sloshing out when you walk. I would think it would keep your drink warmer also. Who would have thought of such a thing?

It is windy and rainy here today - a good day to curl up with a book. I hear it is supposed to turn to ice tonight. That will make for an interesting commute to work in the morning.


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