Day 8

I couldn't decide on just one picture for today, so you get a few to browse through. After having breakfast with Courtney; Nicole, Adele and I sent her off to college. It was a very rainy, windy day today, but we decided to visit a few vintage shops,thrift/consignment shops and a yarn store. The Yarn store was small but very colorful and cute. The staff was very helpful. Check it out here: www.broadripplekints.com

It was a fun day. So sad that it is the last day to spend with Adele before we send her back to Arizona tomorrow. We saw this very colorful bridge, and the rain had slackened off for awhile, so Nicole did a few "Singing in the Rain" shots for me. The colorful background in the last shot is actually a painted fence around a dumpster. I think I have found a new site for taking senior pictures.


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