Where it all began

Years ago we received a personalized graduation announcement from a family friend. I was so impressed by this announcement that I saved it for when my own children graduated from high school.When our boys graduated, we lived away from friends and family so it was important to me that they not only received a graduation announcement but also knew a little of what the boys had been doing in high school and what their future plans were. With the help of a friend who owned a printing business, we designed the boys graduation cards. This is Matt's card, Mark's was very similar.
(sorry for the poor scans)

As my interest in scrapbooking grew, so did my love for photography. Digital cameras and photo editing software were now available and affordable. When Nicole graduated, she and I worked together to design her announcement, and I took her senior pictures.

Last year our youngest daugher graduated from high school. Again I was the photographer and designer. On her announcements we used her school colors and incorporated one of her favorite colors as well.
I have enjoyed designing these announcements for my kids, and they have been well received by friends and family. My skills and style have changed and improved over the years. I am constantly learning more about photography and design. Now I am offering my services to others who would like to send out personalized announcements, invitations and greeting cards; so I have decided to start a small business.

Since I have not mastered web design, my contact information, updates, etc. will be posted here on my blog.

My dream starts here. I can't wait to see where it will go.


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